You've finally found the ONE...the home that is just perfect for you and your family, your heart's desire...

GET IN LINE...more than likely, there is another buyer who feels the same way about "YOUR" home.

So, what efforts can you make to ensure no one else buys your dream home?

1) Before shopping GET PRE-APPROVED. Now you are "armed and ready" to write your offer.

2) Make your offer count the FIRST time. This is not a market to over negotiate, because there is likely a buyer right "behind" you. Write your highest and best offer right out of the gate, you may not have a chance to up your any.

3) Before your scheduled showings, take the time to DRIVE BY. You will eliminate "time wasters" by taking this pro-active measure.

4) Have your Realtor auto set your email to receive all listings meeting your criteria so you know your options upfront.

5) See your favorite homes all at once. Yes, be a die hard buyer and pack a lunch and hit the road! There is no time to waste in this busy market.


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